Friday, 18 November 2011

Re-readathon Masterpost

I signed up for the Re-readathon here - it's being hosted by The Perpetual Page Turner.  It is now here, and because I am me I'm already behind with my own (somewhat daft) self-imposed schedule.  I meant to start this morning, but instead I've been running round Constantinople screaming at Templars and then Hogwarts trying to hex Umbridge (for some reason I can't, which is annoying me).  So, new plan:

- Start reading tomorrow (Saturday) morning.
- Stay up as late as I can that night reading.
- Keep notes about how much I read each hour (because this is the mad type of thing I do anyway).
- Try and read some of the following books:
-- Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
-- Paper Towns
-- Anna and the French Kiss
-- Devilish and/or Girl At Sea
-- Game of Kings
- Try and read a book by the following authors:
-- Antonia Forest
-- Terry Pratchett
-- Dorothy L Sayers
-- JK Rowling

And a couple of quick rules for myself: 1) reread properly, don't skim bits like the code cracking in Have His Carcase; 2) don't start Game of Kings until Sunday afternoon/have read 5 other books because that book is intense/dense/complicated/long/will eat my life.

I'll post as much as I can although internet is a bit patchy over weekend.  Will link to all posts here.  If not: giant retrospective post on Monday.

Right, back to forming the DA.

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