I'm 29, British, and a book hoarder.  It's something of a running joke in my family that I'm always reading, always want books for birthday and Christmas, and constantly run out of shelf space.  Last count I had 1200+ books, many of which I haven't read.  I mostly read children's and young adult.  I collect school stories.  I perv on cook books.  For the full extent of the problem of my hoarding, see either my books owned list (which doesn't include all my nonfiction) or, worse, those I own that I haven't read.

For my favourite authors and books, please see my intro post.

Book Jay?  Jays are like magpies, and I definitely have a tendency to go "ooh, shiny, I must have it" over books which are then placed on my To Be Read pile.  I also thought of the jays on Kirrin Island in The Famous Five, who are constantly fetching stick - they never seem to stop doing this, they constantly collect.

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