Monday, 29 November 2010

Laziness abounded

North of Beautiful

Well, not quite - reading laziness for the month of November, because I was doing NaNo and this means that I spent my days doing the following:

- writing
- pratting about on the internet
- glaring at my document which had somehow not filled up miraculously with words while I was pratting about
- looking for fanfic to read when general pratting about got boring, o hai thar new fandoms
- writing
- calling down curses on the head of Ubisoft for releasing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the 19th, because clearly this was on purpose to make me not want to complete NaNo
- writing

So, not much reading done.  I actually have to check my Goodreads to see if I read anything new at all this month...oh, yes, North of Beautiful, how could I forget that?  It is a fantastic book.  Otherwise, have started reading a few more and not got very far.

But, now that I am free of the NaNo craziness, there will be activity on the blog.  Oh yes (best if said in voice of Tenth Doctor).  Plans are afoot:

- some actual reviews, proper ones with grading systems and everything
- start reading Evelina (again)
- Jane Austen reread, possibly involving some form of drinking game(s)
- other things which have yet to be decided

That's it for now, but more soon (she says).

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