Saturday, 5 May 2012

Oh, yes, I have a blog - and plans for it

A very quick post that is mostly filler and excuse. Because that's how I roll. I do have plans - they would be resolutions had I blogged them in January as planned - but that's all been a bit scuppered by real life, or...

My Excuses For Ignoring My Blog For Months

- Work: I got a Christmas job in Waterstone's, which is pretty much dream come true except that it is knackering.  Very, very knackering. Nothing like standing up for hours on end and not being able to stretch your legs without looking like you're doing aerobis behind the counter to make you appreciate office work. And when the till decides it's not going to co-operate and send you in circles as you try to process gift vouchers you're unable to do what I usually do: hit the montior and swear, because nothing makes a computer work like tapping it repeatedly and threatening it with violence, but doing this in front of children isn't a good idea (for the record, I didn't; I just made angry faces).

Which makes it sound like I hated the job. I didn't, I loved it. It was Waterstone's, there were books. That is all I really need in my life.

Then in January, I got a temp job that has now become permanent. It's office work and data entry and full time. I have not worked full time since June 2010 - I hadn't worked at all between then and November of last year. It has been a shock to the system, though at least I am no longer in a customer service call centre. That used to have me banging my head against the desk, literally.

This makes it sound like I am complaining about having a job, which in the state the economy is in is a) foolish and b) ungrateful. I like having a job, I just miss having free time.

- Laziness: I am very lazy. Get home from work and crash out lazy. Watch the same sitcom on DVD for ages because it's easier than having to focus on something new lazy. Start the same episode of Fringe three times before deciding to watch something I've seen before lazy. In all this, my reading has slowed down, and my blogging has suffered, as has my own writing.  Knowing I have this problem doesn't make me do anything about it...because I am lazy.

Resolutions, or If I Blog It It Will Happen

This happened with my two NaNo wins (2009 and 2010, yay!) - blogging about it meant I did it.  So:

- At least two posts a week
- At least one review a week
- Post a weekly reading round up on Sundays (because I am not working so have no excuses)
- Monthly round ups

- 10 books a month (need this to hit my target of 100 this year)
- 20 Fill in the Gaps books this year (have made it to 3)

Further details to follow - I am going to make a list of titles and targets and I am going to read them. Yes, I am.

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