Thursday, 23 August 2012

Harry Potter Read Along: Signing Up

The Harry Potter Read Along is being hosted by Jenna at Lost Generation Reader.  I am signing up because I have never actually read all the books back to back.  I've read all of them multiple times, but an actual readthrough in order, no - and I used to long for the day when I'd be able to do just that (oh, 2007 and the months of waiting, how I miss you).

I'm going to sign up to read all seven books and possibly Harry, A History as well to round things off.  Within the dates specified for the read along there also a couple of events, namely:

22nd September - I go to the studio tour!  For my mum's birthday, because that is what she wanted (because she is great and the one person I could vent to about the books when I finished reading before everyone I knew.  She didn't mind being spoiled so I could yell about who died and who killed them and oh my God, how could JKR do such a thing?).

27th September - The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling is published.  I may have pre-ordered mine and be planning to dash in town and collect it on my lunch break.

I may also do a post about my love for Harry Potter, how it started and how I bored the pants off everyone I knew while obsessing over it, but the short version is: I first read Philosopher's Stone in 1999 just before Prisoner of Azkaban came out.  I've been hooked ever since, have had to replace a few of my copies from over-reading and when I was rereading Chamber of Secrets recently I found notes I'd scribbled in the margins as I tried to predict what would happen in Deathly Hallows.  It is probably the purest example of what an obsessive geek I can be under the right circumstances.

And this may be a good reason for my flatmate and me to rewatch the movies in order (we did that a few months ago but it's totally worth redoing).
So, yes: all seven Harry Potter books and potentially Harry, A History.  In three and half months.  Easy.


  1. I love this post! Biased? Absolutely.

    I can't wait to read about your studio tour experience. I'm going on a family vacation to Orlando at the end of November, so Harry Potter World will be happening. We can swap stories. :)

    As for The Casual excited!

    1. We can definitely swap stories about our Harry Potter trips - am a little jealous you're going to Harry Potter World (some day, I will get there!).

      I am counting down the days to The Casual Vacancy; having it with me at work is going to make that afternoon interesting for my productivity.


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