Saturday, 4 August 2012

Month in Review: July 2012

I've slipped again in reading this month, mostly because I was working on my own writing and set aside a lot of time for that.  Most of my reading was done in the first week of the month, which is reflected below.

Books Read in July 2012
46. An Education by Lynn Barber
47. The Documents in the Case by Dorothy L. Sayers
48. Abandon by Meg Cabot

Total Books Read = 3
Total Pages Read = 735
Average Book Length = 245

Owned Books = 1
Library Books = 2

Book of the Month
A bit hard to pick, as there's only a choice of three, but I'll go with An Education because it was a one-sitting book and a touching memoir.  It also inspired a film I love which is always a plus.  The actual basis for the film forms one chapter of the memoir, and like the rest of the book is blunt in its truthfulness.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the film.

Month Ahead
Something I'm going to add because I need to get my reading back on track. 

1) I've signed up for Austen in August and am determined to at least read Mansfield Park again, because it is my least read Austen. That is my first step once I have achieved 2).
2) I need actually to read the (12) books I've borrowed from the library, especially those which I've had for ages.  Once those are cleared I can move on to making a dent in my owned book TBR pile, which is getting ridiculous.
3) Finish the Vampire Academy series. I have two left, they are there in one of my many book stacks, I should read them. Especially as I have Bloodlines from the library and should probably finish Vampire Academy before starting the follow up series.

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